Bring your Assessments and Engagements online

Technology-enabled Assessments helps you identify actionable areas for students. Digital engagements fills the communication gap and brings every stakeholder in institute to same platform.


  • Get detailed analysis of students.
  • Know their strong and weak areas.


  • Complete assignment management.
  • Create and receive assignments directly within the platform.
  • Review and download assignments.

Engagement Feed

  • Engagement platform with a difference.
  • Wiki and Facebook like interface Q&A platform.
  • Drive better engagement between students and professors.

Manage Exams

  • Exam management built-in.
  • Set active and de-active time for every exam.
  • Share exam to relevant students.
  • Check complete reports for every exams.

Question Bank

  • Your question bank hosted on cloud.
  • Access our question directly within the platform.
  • Create online tests in minutes.

Digital engagements between every stakeholder

Vprep’s engagement platform act as a Q&A platform for the college and helps students in getting their doubts resolved quickly through collaboration. It also helps teachers to remain connected with students even after working hours.

  • Communication

    During the craziness of examination prep time, vprep quickly helps students get connected with each other and the faculty and get their doubts resolved.

  • Collaboration

    The platform encourages continuous collaboration between students and the faculty thereby increasing productivity and growth.

  • Graduation

    Vprep helps students to get connected with the alumni and seek potential growth opportunities.